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Mobile Windshield Repair Service

Windshield Repair Service

Mobile Windshield Services

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Serving Maricopa, Arizona with in a 100-Mile Radius

Impact Windshield offers mobile windshield replacement and repair services that you can count on. Our mobile service includes up to a 100-mile radius and can be performed on any vehicle, be it a car, tractor, truck, or SUV. With more than 27 years of experience, we have the knowledge and skill to provide you with a windshield repair service that is second to none. Take a look at what we have to offer and see how Impact Windshield can take care of all of your windshield services.

Consumer Rights

Arizona state law provides that an insured party may choose a repair facility of his or her own preference. Most insurers utilize a glass network for purposes of taking the first notice of loss as well as authorizing an auto glass replacement facility to perform the needed repair. In some cases, insurers who contract with the Safelite Glass Network, aka Safelite Solutions, are allowing Safelite Glass Network itself to receive your call.
Since Safelite Glass Network is financially affiliated with Safelite Auto Glass, part of a multinational company, Belron, if the insured does not specify a preference of repair facilities, it is quite likely that Safelite Glass Network will dispatch the job to its affiliate, Safelite Auto Glass. Impact Windshield is not currently a member of the Safelite Network, but is working on membership. Because we are not currently a member of Safelite's network, an insured is likely to be told that Safelite "cannot guarantee the work" as result.
In our experience, this amounts to a marketing tactic; Impact Windshield has a performance review score of 100 on work performed for Safelite Glass Network. "Focused on Quality" means we approach each repair or replacement with this result in mind: in each step of the process, we are guided by a philosophy which states once the job is finished, we won't see the vehicle again until the next time a replacement is actually needed.
Customers don't like the annoyance and inconvenience of "comebacks;" we don't like them, either. Nonetheless, Impact Windshield has always cooperated and honored the pricing / discount structure requested by Safelite Glass Network.
Impact Windshield has been a contracted member of LYNX Services, an auto glass network whose biggest client is State Farm Insurance, since 2000. In all those years, LYNX has recorded only one warranty incident involving work performed by Impact Windshield, an issue which Impact Windshield satisfied. It occurred in 2008 and involved a problem with a windshield molding only.

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Saturday & Sunday, 8 a.m. – 12 p.m.


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